Xiaomi Mi Fold could arrive at a competitive price within the year

The smartphone market has suffered a shock in the recent past after two major companies like the Samsung and Huawei presented their respective folding smartphones to the public. A type of device that seems, according to many, a type of smartphone that could become a trend in the future. Precisely for this reason a company like Xiaomi does not want to be caught unprepared, and after the first images of the first prototype of Xiaomi Mi Fold (This is the name, for now, given on the net to the device) even the first interesting news seem to arrive.

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Xiaomi Mi Fold will arrive by the end of the year for less than 1000 dollars

It must be said that Xiaomi was the first company "to present" a first prototype of a folding smartphone: In fact it was only the first days of January when we showed you the video of the first prototype device with a folding screen designed by the Chinese company. Then, since then, actually Xiaomi has been "surpassed" by Samsung e Huawei who presented their new folding devices in an official way and with an already imminent launch date.

Xiaomi has not remained to watch, in fact it seems that the company of Lei Jun is constantly working on the new device and, as per the philosophy of the company, is ready to release a smartphone that will break down the competition, both in terms of quality but above all in terms of price. In fact, if for the hardware and anything else of the Xiaomi Mi Fold we know very little, as far as the price is concerned, some interesting rumors already seem to be moving. Some rumors talk about how the company is determined to bring a folding smartphone to the market at a super-competitive price: Only for 999 dollars!

xiaomi mi fold

Certainly, knowing Xiaomi, the new Xiaomi Mi Fold it will be a device that will revolutionize the folding smartphone market, as the company has already done in other areas. The price, of which we start talking, would obviously be very low compared to the competition (for the competition we talk about dollars 2000), but it will also be necessary to know the product that the company will bring to the market. As for the date of marketing, someone is already talking about the end of the year, we are convinced that already from the second part of this year we will begin to have many advances on the device.


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