Xiaomi Mi Fold could be released in India by June

Xiaomi has bet a lot on the Indian market. In fact, device presentations like the Redmi go or Redmi Note 7 PRO they are a clear sign of how the company wants to aim with extreme security and determination on a profitable market like the Indian one. To confirm even more this trend are some Indian media that would have, more or less, confirmed the incredible news that would see the Chinese company ready to release the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi Fold within the next June in India.

Xiaomi Mi Fold

I fold in India in June at around 950 €

What the new folding smartphone by Xiaomi both a project already well underway and ready for production had already shown it to us in a famous video, arrived at the forefront of the major news sites last January. Moreover, a few weeks later the company began to leak further information on this device, so that it would gradually approach a presentation that, at this point, does not seem so far away.

Today's news that you would see India as the first country to receive this new device concept designed by Xiaomi it smacks of resounding. It would be a move of absolute confidence on the part of Lei Jun for a market that seems to have yielded well to the company. But the most striking news, in reality, is the one that would see the release of the new Xiaomi Mi Fold already within the next June at a very competitive price: roughly 950 €! A price that, if confirmed, would lead the company to place a product for less than half of its competitors Samsung e Huawei .

Obviously we must understand how much there is truth in these latest news launched by the major Indian technology publications. Surely it is Xiaomi Mi Fold will be a device that will see the light by the end of the year, be it in India or China. Of course a probable launch already within the month of June would shorten the time a lot and have, perhaps, the opportunity to see the same device even in the global version by 2019. Only 3 months are missing June, let's get ready and keep our fingers crossed!


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