Xiaomi Mi Fold shows itself in a new hands-on video

The mobile world, in this 2019, has moved decisively towards the new folding smartphones. Already the first devices presented by Samsung e Huawei have created an incredible interest in this new technological trend. Obviously he could not be found unprepared Xiaomi that with it Xiaomi Mi Fold, aims to beat the competition of folding smartphones. The release is scheduled for the next few months and today we bring you a new video that sees the device at work.

Xiaomi Mi Fold shows itself in a short promotional video, the output is getting closer.

The video was posted in the last few hours on the Youtube platform and sees the new one Fold me (or even called by many Mi Flex, an official name is not yet there) that is used for a short time.

The video is just a taste of the potential of the device, in fact it is shown to us first in its tablet version, in which it should almost reach the 10 inches diagonal and then, so fast, the device is folded and goes into smartphone version. The video, being very short, allows us to admire only the speed of reaction of the system that seems to pass from the two modes in a really fast and clean way. Finally, note also the ease with which the screen is folded which, we remind you, was produced by Visionox for the company.

Obviously the wait for the new Xiaomi Mi Fold it is very high, especially after the first statements of the company that claimed to want to place the product at a price that will be half of the competition. The device is expected in the months of April e June. In short, still little and we can also learn about Xiaomi's response in the field of folding smartphones.


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