Xiaomi Mi Fold: Check out a new video concept

While Samsung e Huawei have already presented their respective folding devices, Xiaomi, after having delighted us with a first video of the folding device released in the first days of January, did not reveal anything else. The same company, at the time, announced that it Xiaomi Mi Fold (a first name, together with I flex) was only in its infancy and that the exit was still far away. Now after the announcement of the first folding smartphones from the competition the company of Lei Jun will surely want to argue as soon as possible.

xiaomi mi flex

A first concept video shows us a probable design of the Xiaomi folding device

After that they started shooting on the net first images render of the device, today, we show you an interesting video, produced by TechConfigurations, in which the foldable phone is shown in a render 3D. In the video it is shown as the concept of the Xiaomi Mi Fold has a "double screen". The first, with a folded phone, with a diagonal from 6.5 inches and the second, by open telephone, from ben 10 inches. A concept, therefore, which takes up the one already seen and which confirms that the folding smartphone market is heading towards a two in one, ie having the possibility to switch from smartphone to tablet usage by folding or not the phone screens.

The video, however, also shows us other additional ideas but, above all, a truly incredible design. Also interesting is the presence of a setup for the rear camera composed of well 3 sensors. In the video, moreover, some features of the device are already mentioned which, of course, are not absolutely official. We invite you to watch the whole video, 2 are really interesting minutes!

A video that makes us dream. Obviously we remind you that the whole is a concept, that is a probable aspect that the device will have and that has nothing to do with the device that it will be, but only takes inspiration from the official declarations or rumors released on the net in recent months. The Xiaomi Mi Fold still remains a device that we will hardly see in the near future, even if someone begins to speak of a possible launch by the end of this year.

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