Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 in 5G version can play 8K videos

Only a few weeks ago, on the stage of Barcelona, the company Xiaomi introduced himself to the public with the first device in the world to support the speed of 5G. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, in fact, it was the absolute protagonist of the conference where the incredible speed of the network was also tested for the first time. Testing it was a live video call. Today we get more details on the speed of the 5G and on the incredible performance that the new device will have.

Mi Mix 3 5G: Play video in 8K without any problem

During the day, on the social network Weibo, we received a news about the Chinese company in which it was announced how the new device produced by the company had passed a test in which a reproduction of a quality video was started. 8K. The test performed below 5G network, according to the news, has been largely exceeded. A news that makes us understand how these networks, which we hope to start being able to use in our country by 2020, can allow speeds never touched so far.

Technical sheet Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

To be clear with the current networks 4G it would already be difficult to play a video in 4K. Quality in 8K touch a video resolution that is twice that seen in 4K and, therefore, it needs extremely faster speeds to download much more details. The speed of 5G, on Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, arrived thanks to the modem Qualcomm X50 that the device will come with and, according to the first rumors, with this type of modem, the phone can reach download peaks of about 2Gbps. Really crazy numbers that make us think about how this network can really change the world of smartphones and more.

Lo Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5Gobviously it will not be the only smartphone that will touch these speeds and that will support the new networks. Already a competitor like the Samsung have announced their own devices 5G. Xiaomi, however, it will probably be the first to bring the first device 5G on the market, in fact the arrival of the Mi Mix 3 in version 5G seems really close.


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