Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will have super fast charging from 100W?

Xiaomi has a good number of models released over the years. The series Mi Mix, now in its third generation, is one of those series that has characterized the Chinese company as one of those always ready to bet on technological innovations. Not by chance, in fact, the first one Mi Mix was the first smartphone to present a full-screen display, then copied by most manufacturers. Today, according to some rumors, we would start talking about a support to the fast recharge from 100w for the expected Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

I mix 4 with super fast charger from 100W and camera back down?

The first news that reaches us on the front Mi Mix let us know that the company of Lei Jun is already working on the fourth device of the series. Indeed the Xiaomi is ready to respond to new designs presented by competitors Vivo e Oppo - which presented devices with retractable cameras - with a device that will present, according to many, an innovative design. For this reason, going to look in the last patents filed by the company, it seems possible to see the Mi Mix 4 with a design a inverted notch, that is with a notch in the lower part in the device and not higher, as seen in recently discovered patents. Another anticipation would concern the charging system, in fact we are already talking about a possible support for the super charger from 100W.

Super fast charging from 100W already on the next Mi Mix 4: feasible or not?

xiaomi super charge turbo 100W

Recently Xiaomi has introduced to the world the fastest charging system in the world by well 100W. The Xiaomi Super Charger Turbo, so called by the company, he was presented with a video in which all its power was shown by carrying the battery of a smartphone Xiaomi to 100% in 17 minutes. The charging system was presented without giving us any indication of what products could have hosted it. Today, finally, the answer seems to have arrived: Lo Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 he seems the perfect candidate to host a novelty of this kind. Obviously the device will have to pass some tests not to be underestimated, in fact a type of recharge at these powers brings the device to reach peaks of considerable power and therefore it will be necessary to have the right technology and the right hardware components to resist.

Knowing XiaomiHowever, we are confident that he has already found an excellent compromise to mount this type of ultra-fast top-up while preserving the durability of the device to the maximum. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, at this point, it seems ready to be the device designed to become the smartphone with the fastest charging system in the world!


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