Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will have a better camera than the Samsung GW1 sensor from 64MP

After having presented the devices of the new series launched by Xiaomi and Meitu, The series Xiaomi CC, the company of Lei Jun is ready to launch a new device. The latest smartphones presented have brought devices to the market with a truly excellent photographic industry. But second Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will have a rear camera even more surprising than the last ones released. Even a sensor for the camera better than the last sensor GW1 of Samsung da 64 Megapixel!

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: It will have a sensor for the camera better than the Samsung GW1 sensor from 64 Megapixel

The latest devices Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 e CC9e, they presented a selfie camera from well 32 Megapixel and a rear camera with a photographic asset that included three sensors from 48 + 8 + 2 Megapixel. Not bad, but Xiaomi is already ready to do even better and will do so with the next outgoing device: the Mi Mix 4.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 camera

The series Mi Mix, together with A league di Xiaomi, are the next devices expected for launch later this year. For the series Mi Mix, according to some rumors launched by Thomas Weng, the company would be thinking of a sensor for the rear camera that should be even better than the new sensor Samsung GW1 from 64 Megapixel.

The declaration of Thomas Weng, member of Xiaomi and therefore a fairly reliable source, it does not refer to a sensor with more Megapixels . Samsung GW1 but probably it will refer to an even better shooting quality. We remind you, in fact, that a greater number of Megapixels, sometimes, it does not correspond to a better shooting quality, indeed. Almost certainly, at this point, the new one Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will come to market with a camera from 64 Megapixel probably Sony?

A choice that will make many photography enthusiasts happy about this new one Samsung GW1, they have a little crooked because in low light conditions, the sensor drastically lowers the image quality and megapixels.


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