Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 could be the folding of Xiaomi with camera from 60MP

By now it is on everyone's lips, the long-awaited folding smartphone from Xiaomi is one of the most anticipated devices by fans after the latest statements that would soon be on the market at a price below dollars 1000. So far we have called him Xiaomi Mi Fold (but we told you how the name was not official) but, in reality, according to some interesting voices the phone, which will have the long awaited design with folding screens, could be the next Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

Will the Xiaomi Mi Fold actually be the 4 Mi Mix with 60 Megapixel camera?

The company Lei Jun open the 2019 precisely with the first video of the first prototype of a folding smartphone produced by Xiaomi. After that elusive video, lots of voices followed one another on a probable name, the price and a probable release date. Today, through an interesting image, perhaps we can tell you much more.

The image on Alipay that announces the 4 Mi Mix with folding displays

The image in question was found on a top-of-the-range device rental page on the website of Alipay Chinese. The photo is intended to inform the customer of the next top of the range devices that will be bookable on the site. Everything in the standard except that the last device on the list is really the one Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 which, unlike the previous three in the image, has not yet been announced.

Besides this, next to the word "Mix 4“, The site brings him a render of a device that seems to offer the same design seen on Fold me. Hence all the voices that would see the next device in the series Mix di Xiaomi to be the smartphone to propose folding displays. A further and interesting detail is that there is a small description next to each telephone: next to the Mix 4 there is talk of a device with a front camera from ben 60 megapixel.

Obviously you have to wait and take the following news for what it is, that is a simple rumor. Certainly the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 it is certain, it has already been announced from a small company teaser so we expected to see it sooner or later. But knowing that, probably, it will be the first folding smartphone of the company does nothing but raise our desire to know it as soon as possible.


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