Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: Find some incredible specs, will they be true?

There are still a few months left until the presentation of the new one Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. The fourth device of the Mi Mix series, in fact, it has already been announced and will probably be released in late autumn. However, it seems that, in addition to the usual innovative design that the series tends to offer, the device could have some really incredible technical specifications, according to an image leaked in the last hours.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: 2k display, 16 GB of RAM and charging from 100W?

An image, of which the source is really difficult to tell you if it is reliable or not, it anticipates us the specifications of the new device and anticipates us a hardware arrangement to say the least monstrous. The device painted by the specifications, in fact, is a smartphone never seen before with components for a smartphone that could easily compete, almost, with a medium-high end computer.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

The new Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, according to the image, will arrive on the market with even a AMOLED 2K display with frequency a 120Hz. But the screen resolution is not only the only record-setting for this device, it seems that the 4 Mi Mix will mount a memory RAM from ben 16 GB, 1 TB of UFS 3.1 internal memory (standard still unknown) and one 64 megapixel rear camera. In short, an absolutely unimaginable device set-up, or at least for a device to be released at the end of this year. For this reason, for now, we feel extremely skeptical about this little rumor of today.

But it does not end here, in fact from the image we notice how there is a reference to a battery from well 4500 mAh and to a recharge system that should be the already known Xiaomi Super Charger Turbo from 100W. On this last aspect of the device we find ourselves extremely convinced that, the new super-fast charging system designed by the Chinese company, can be ready by the end of the year and therefore, perhaps, really mounted inside the Mi Mix 4.

Unfortunately the photo was intentionally blurred in the part where the render of the device should be present. A way to keep us in suspense for the body of the smartphone. We remind you that the series Mi Mix in Casa del Xiaomi it is famous for bringing devices with an innovative and "experimental" design to the market. For this new Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, the first rumors, indicated the phone as the company's first folding smartphone. Who knows, we just have to wait for further developments and news, perhaps from more reliable sources.


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