Xiaomi Mi Play 2: Snapdragon 855 and full screen with 4 curved sides?

Il 2019 we can consider it a really important year for Xiaomi. The Chinese company, in fact, has recorded right away, with the new series My 9, excellent sales and closed the first quarter of the year with excellent balance sheets. Obviously the year is still long and, for this reason, the company is already starting to think of new devices that could be released in the second half of the year. Just today we seem to get interesting news on one of the most anticipated devices from You fans, let's talk about the Xiaomi Mi Play 2 which seems to be starting to have a first form and specifications, according to some rumors.

Xiaomi patent curved screen 4 sides

Mi Play 2: Will it have Snapdragon 855 and a full screen display with a completely curved design?

The first big rumor that anticipates the new device seems to be on the design that the I Play 2 will. If you don't remember badly a few weeks ago we talked about how la Xiaomi had filed a patent for a completely curved design, a device with i 4 completely curved sides (practically a Samsung Edge also adding the upper and lower edges). Well it seems, according to some rumors, that this fantastic design will be assigned to the next flagship home Xiaomi.

The display design deposited by the company as a patent

Looking at the patent filed by the company we can see how the phone will have a front panel completely dedicated to hosting a huge display that, at this point, could even exceed the famous rating of "all-in display" of the My 9 (will we have a full 100%?). For the back of the device, probably, we will have the confirmation of a glass panel as already seen in the first version of the Play me. The dual cameras should be positioned on the upper left side of the back cover, and the two sensors should be positioned horizontally. A design that, if confirmed, would give to the new I Play 2 a really fantastic, innovative and interesting look.

Snapdragon 855 and other technical specifications

The first rumors regarding the new Xiaomi Mi Play 2 do not dwell only on design, in fact it seems that the new device will come with the very powerful inside Snapdragon 855, processor already seen in My 9. For memory cuts, surely, we will have more versions among which we can hazard the presence of a couple 8 / 128 GB e 8 / 512 GB. As for the photographic sector we should have a confirmation of the sensors from 48 megapixel + 12 megapixel, unless the company wants to surprise us once again on the photographic front. Then the will certainly be present in-display fingerprint sensor, a fast wireless charging and other standard functions that the Xiaomi tends to realize on its flaghsip.

In short, this Xiaomi Mi Play 2 it could really be another "crack" in the global market. Certainly it will be necessary to test the veracity of the design, and in the case, the resistance to impacts. The device will arrive in the second half of the year, almost certainly after the summer to make room for the series My 9 to continue selling. The price, according to rumors, should be around 500 €.


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