Xiaomi Mi2: MiFlash guide

We talked a lot about the terminal Xiaomi Mi2 and we have seen more ways to install a ROM, but we have not yet talked about MiFlash, the tool for flashing ROMs directly from PC. But be careful! This procedure is recommended only in extreme cases, an error could make your phone unusable and even if there are methods on the network to wake it up, it is better not to test them on your skin. So be careful, but above all do it only if you really need it

Before starting, we need to specify some basic points:

  • the ROMs we have seen so far are in format .zip, while those necessary for MiFlash have extension .exe
  • a Windows PC is required
  • it is recommended to use a laptop with a charged battery, if the PC goes off during the procedure, you may not be able to recover the terminal
  • if you have installed a cwm recovery with active dual boot, you must disable it (this will delete all data, make a backup before proceeding)


Required files

  • Download MiFlash | Download
  • Download the ROM | Download
    Which one to choose? You will notice many ROMs, divided into Development e Stable, again divided into versions Zip e MiFlash, available in versions (MIUI) V4 and V5. Therefore choose the version MiFlash, with MIUI V5 version and what you prefer between stable and development, since they are a bit dated. Therefore it is preferable to update with an updated version at the end (obviously with the traditional method, from recovery or updater)


  • Extract the downloaded files into two separate folders
  • Start MiFlash
  • Choose the extracted file of the ROM fastboot via the button at the top left: KATEGORIEN
  • Using the key Advanced, instead choose the script to use from the following available 3
    - flash_all_wipe.bat: erase everything! Format both data partition (system) and external one
    - flash_all_except_storage.bat: format only the data partition (system)
    - flash_all_except_data_storage.bat: does not format neither the data partition, nor SD
    Then press Ok
  • Start the terminal in fastboot mode using volume key - e power button, then connect it to the PC
  • The drivers will be installed, at the end press refresh top right and you should see your terminal
  • All that remains is to press Flash to start the procedure
  • Finally, the terminal will start automatically, so be patient until the end

Once finished, you can install a newer ROM in the old way, you can follow our guides

Update MIUI from ClockworkMod recovery

Update MIUI from updater

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