Xiaomi MiCloud changelog

You have updated your MIUI tolatest version? If you have already done so you can benefit more from the Xiaomi MiCloud. In fact it will be possible to receive 1 GB of free space every month by simply logging onto the official website  i.xiaomi.com

If you have a previous version instead of 4.1.3 you will receive this message that will take you to the official website for the download of the latest version



With the latest version instead you will have a nice welcome message



In this case, if you do not agree to immediately increase your space, you can do it very well later by clicking on your username at the top and choosing My Cloud Service. At this point click on Upgrade and your 10 GB space will increase to 11.



The other new features of this upgrade are the possibility of create and restore contact backups in vCard format directly from the site and to be able to see the call log in the messages section. This option, however, is to be searched among the messages received





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