Xiaomi Pocophone F1: Widevine L1 certification coming soon

Pocophone, a sub-company of Xiaomi, was born with the aim of producing phones at a really cheap price but which at the same time can offer a top-of-the-range experience. For now the only device produced is it Xiaomi Pocophone F1 which has already met with some success. But the development team of Poco does not seem to be satisfied. In fact, interesting updates have been announced that will add some new features.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Review

Pocophone F1: Widevine L1 update coming

The Eurobursar Pocophone has recently announced additions that will increasingly enrich the offer of a device that, for the price it has, is to be considered as a flagship killer. The update in question will give the opportunity to Little F1 to record slow-motion video and 4k @60fps. Today comes new news about safety certification Widevine L1.

Wideline F1 for streaming in HD

An important addition to the device is the possibility, finally, to take advantage of quality HD (or higher) for streaming content from platforms such as Netflix o Amazon Prime Video. In fact one of the problems with this Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (and Xiaomi in general) was precisely that of not being able to reproduce high definition content of some streaming platforms, this because the device lacked the certification Wideline L1.

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The certification was finally announced and will be available after the upgrade to 9.2.25 beta version. Obviously we will also have to wait for the same streaming platforms to record the device among those enabled for maximum video quality. So it should be only a matter of time and also the users of the Pocophone F1 they can enjoy themselves Netflix o Amazon video in HD without any problem.

Lo Xiaomi Pocophone F1therefore, it takes another step forward in terms of functionality. The development team from Pocophone which proves attentive to the requests of its users. We do not hide the possibility that probably in the wake of these updates, new ones could come with new and interesting features!


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