Xiaomi presents a new patent with external notch

In the race for the best smartphone the various manufacturing companies, in the last period, challenged those who offered the most screen space possible. To do this we have seen various designs such as the notch, the notch drop, the design with a perforated screen or the one with a pop-up camera. A curious patent filed by the company was found today Xiaomi which offers a truly new design.

New Xiaomi patent: A face-shaped excrescence to house two frontal cameras and ear capsule

In the last list published by State Intellectual Property Office there is the presence of this new smartphone model patented by the company of Lei Jun. The patent was filed not recently, the May 25, 2018, but only received official authorization last 23 April. The patent presented is the following:

From the image you can see the curious design designed by the Chinese company engineers. A “bulge” at the top of the display that seems to be housed immediately catches the eye two sensors for the front camera it's a ear capsule. Furthermore, the arrangement of the three elements seems to give this "protuberance" a resemblance to a human face. Moreover, together with this first illustrative image, we are also shown further patents that see various designs for the "protuberance" at the top. In fact we also find a concept that provides more square features than the soft lines of the first design.

It must be said that the aforementioned patents, most likely, have been filed only and exclusively to hold the rights to the idea (in the event that a third company wants to produce a design of this kind, it should pay the rights to Xiaomi) and not to see it really produced in the future. Even if you know, the world of smartphones is a world in continuous evolution, so a direction towards this type of design is absolutely not to be excluded.


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