Xiaomi will present a new product at MWC 2019

It was a day full of interesting and juicy news. The main protagonist was undoubtedly the one Xiaomi MI 9 that was it first announced in the early morning and, later, revealed completely in some real images. But it's not over here, in fact the same Chinese company has just announced that to the next Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, to be held at the end of February, a new product will be launched.


Xiaomi will launch a new product: MI 9 Global or MI MIX 3 5G?

It was announced by the same company on its European twitter account. The announcement took place in a simple and direct way: an image, a date (the February 24 2019) and a sentence inviting users to try to guess which new product will be announced. Users, of course, did not allow themselves to be prayed and the first rumors of what to do have already started Xiaomi will present a Barcelona.

The first idea seems to be that of the company Lei Jun present on the stage of MWC the global version of the MI 9. In fact today we have known the release date only of the Asian version, and seeing the first leak images we have also found some traces of Play Store e Google that made us think that the global exit is not so far away. A second idea is one that would see the company presenting a new version of the MI MIX 3, the one with network support 5G.

The arrival of the 5G networks, ultra fast, on our continent (hopefully we can try them already at the beginning of 2020) and therefore all the phone companies are trying not to be caught unprepared. It could also be that the new product announced is not a smartphone. In fact the Chinese company, as you well know, is active in the production of various devices in many other technological fields so it would not surprise us an announcement, perhaps, of a new modem, for example.

Obviously they are always and only assumptions, only the February 24 da Barcelona we will know this new product so much sponsored by Xiaomi. Maybe if we are lucky we will be able to have some advances on what will be announced in the previous days. And you, what do you think you can present?


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