Xiaomi is ready to present 20 new products on Monday 1 April

Xiaomi is one of the most active and productive companies in the world, in fact every year various products are presented and launched for the many fields in which the company is present. So it's usual to see the company hold a new conference about every month to present its new products. This time however it seems that the company of Lei Jun, during the next conference of 1 April, want to beat every record and present well 20 new products.

Xiaomi will present 20 new products during the 1 April conference

The conference of 1 April was announced by vice president of Redmi, Lu Weibing, during the presentation of redmi 7. Specifically, the company initially let know that the 1 April a festival called "would have been held"Xiaomi's Mi Festival". A type of event to celebrate the company. Today, we know more details in which we are confirmed the presence of 20 new products which should all be presented together during the festival.

20 new devices: special gadgets, Mi Walkie-Talkie, VR headset and much more

The announcement of these 20 new devices was done on the social media Weibo in which a poster of the event appeared announcing the large number of presentations that would take place. The poster also shows the many devices that will be presented. Among these sprout a Walkie Talkie, a notebook, a VR, a set of suitcases and much more. There is also an inscription "ROY"Which anticipates that there will also be the presentation of the new version Mi 9 Roy Wang dedicated to the homonymous Chinese singer.

Xiaomi 1 April 2019

In short, the next one Monday it will not be as sad as the usual ones Monday and between an April Fool and another we hope to have the opportunity to see on the stage a really interesting product will be presented by Xiaomi.

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