Xiaomi Speaker: speaker from 20 € with 10 hours of autonomy

Xiaomi Speaker is one of the various speakers designed by Xiaomi, a box with good features at a price that is around 20 €.

Xiaomi speaker

This box has a rectangular shape and an elegant design; the body is made of metal and the side surfaces do not contain keys or anything else, except the right surface which is composed of the power button, the microUSB port for charging and an LED.

The LED notifies the status of the speaker depending on its use: for example if it is available for connection with a device, if it is connected or if it is simply on. For connection and communication with various devices, Xiaomi Speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0; therefore it is possible to connect the speaker to any smartphone, tablet or device equipped with Bluetooth.

It consists of speakers and a woofer for low frequencies. The battery guarantees an autonomy of well 10 hours and can be transported safely as it weighs about 200 grams. The dimensions are 15.3 x 6 x 2.5 cm

xiaomi speaker

Where to buy Xiaomi Speaker

Xiaomi Speaker can be purchased on TomTop a 22.49€ with free shipping from China. Alternatively you can choose to receive it directly from England or Germany, paying it 20€ thanks to the coupon that follows; in this case, however, you will have to add the cost of shipping.

Coupon: XM3E

To buy Xiaomi Speaker, click here

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