Is Xiaomi already working on the new Mi Mix 4?

Only a few months have passed since the announcement of the new version of Mi Mix 3 which will support speed 5G and, since then, the Xiaomi seems not to have stopped in the development and production of devices of the series Mi Mix. It seems that the Chinese company already has in mind to present a new smartphone from the series, perhaps the Mi Mix 4 or some other version of the Mi Mix 3.

Is Xiaomi ready to present the new Mi Mix 4 or a new version of the Mi Mix 3?

To start the usual tram rumor tram on the net was a company post on Chinese social Weibo which sees a poster as protagonist in which all three devices of the series are portrayed Mi Mix, three plus a fourth device that is not detected. A poster that wants to show how the company is ready to enrich the offer of the series Mi Mix.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 or mix 3?

That the company was going to develop the Mi Mix 4 it's not a big news, as the series Mi Mix has always received excellent feedback, such as the Mi Mix 3, which carry the Xiaomi to release a new version every year. The surprise, if a fourth version was confirmed, is the timing. In fact, only a few weeks ago we met him Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 in 5G version and to see the company already switching to a later model would be quite surprising.

In short, a post from Xiaomi which created more question points than anything else: One above all if the device in question will be a variant of the Mi Mix 3 or just the new one Mi Mix 4. Another question that arises is to understand also what kind of design the new device will have, as the series Mi Mix has always accustomed us to great innovations regarding design. In short, many questions to which we hope to have answers already in the coming weeks.


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