Xiaomi is working on a periscope lens camera

Companies like Huawei e OPPO, in recent months, they presented new devices with a special periscope lens camera. This type of sensor is able to give devices the ability to make incredible zoom without loss of quality. Xiaomi, the company of Lei Jun, could not be found unprepared and, according to the latest news, it would seem ready to present, on a next smartphone, this new technology.

Xiaomi is working on a periscope lens camera

The news was launched in the last hours by various information technology portals. The news was born after an interesting patent belonging to the Chinese company was discovered. In the patent, filed last December, we talk about a project of a camera that would see the use of periscope lenses.

Xiaomi patent periscope lenses

The document, of course, is in Chinese. But the translations reported by the various portals tell us that the project should be called "CAMERA COMPONENTS AND ELECTRONICS DEVICES". A name that, of course, leaves us no doubt about the purpose of developing this project. Along with the documentation, moreover, there is also a first image of the camera that shows the main sensor to which the auxiliary sensors are placed side by side so as to create a periscopic system.

Obviously Xiaomi has not pronounced itself on a name of the possible device that could mount this new photographic technology. Some users, however, remembering the latest statements regarding the camera of the next Mi Mix 4, have indicated the device of the series Mi Mix as papabile suspect number one to support periscopic lenses. A type of technology that would give the company device excellent visibility in terms of photographic hardware.


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