Xiaomi Super Charger Turbo: 100W to charge your smartphone in 17 minutes!

Xiaomi is ready to present the Super Charger Turbo, a new loading system from ben 100W which is preparing to be the fastest loading system ever produced for the mobile world.

xiaomi super charge turbo 100W

Super Charger Turbo will recharge an 4000 mAh battery in just 17 minutes

To make the announcement, in advance given that the presentation was scheduled for tomorrow, he was the vice-president of Xiaomi, Lin Bin, that with a post on Weibo presented the new loading system. The Super Turbo Charger has been presented to users of Weibo through a really interesting video in which the incredible loading speed to which the device is subjected is pointed out.

The clip is very short, and very impactful. In fact we are shown all the power of this new technology that brings the smartphone - on the left - with battery from 4000 mAh from 1% to 100% in solos 17 minutes. Note how alone 7 minutes the device in the video has arrived halfway through, the remaining charge was then paid in others 10 minutes.

Comparison with the OPPO charging system from 50W

Also in the video on the right we have a device loaded through the charging system which, until now, was considered the most powerful. Let's talk about a charging system developed by OPPO that went to a charge of 50W. Not a few, but which have obviously been torn apart by the new system of Xiaomi. Indeed in the video, after i 17 minutes where the device Xiaomi is passed from 0 to 100%, the device loaded by the system OPPO (which also had a smaller battery from 3700 mAh) stopped at 65%.

For now we can not know which smartphones and when these devices can mount this new one Super Turbo Charger by Xiaomi. Surely only once the system is implemented on the first smartphones can we see the real power and, if so, how batteries will respond to this type of charge much more powerful than the current ones.


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