Xiaomi will develop fingerprint sensors on LCD displays from the 2020

Xiaomi has always been considered one of the most active companies in technological discoveries to bring on their new devices. Today, the Chinese company has made it known that it is interested and ready to produce new devices with a fingerprint sensor on the display with LCD technology. An innovative news, since, so far the aforementioned sensors were only possible on display with AMOLED technology.

Xiaomi: New technology will allow you to have LCD displays with fingerprint sensors

The news comes after a Chinese company, the Fortsense, presented more than 160 patents that go to solve all the problems that, until now, had made it impossible to have such sensors also on LCD screens. Obviously the work done by this Chinese company could not go unnoticed, and precisely Xiaomi has immediately made known his interest in trying to produce new smartphones with this technology.

However, the leading Chinese smartphone manufacturer wanted to get their hands on immediately. The above technology on LCD screens, in fact, it is still in the testing phase and, therefore, the company intends to wait before bringing devices with LCD displays and fingerprint sensors. For this reason, the vice-president himself, Wang Teng, announced that the first devices Xiaomi that will take advantage of this new technology will arrive not before the 2020.

In short, thanks to the excellent work of the Fortsense, we could probably have in the 2020 a good array of low-cost devices that will be able to offer a fingerprint sensor inside the display (there is already talk of devices with these technologies to no more than 270 €). A technology that until now was circumcised to only devices with panels AMOLED and, therefore, to medium-high end devices. Expect new devices next year Xiaomi with an increasingly small price but with more and more features.


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