Xiaomi TV with ultra thin frames and voice controls starting from 145 €

As we already announced in a previous article, today Xiaomi was expected in the presentation of his new models of Smart TV. So it was and, today, the Chinese company presented various versions of its own Xiaomi TV that will arrive in different sizes:  32, 43, 55 and 65 inches.

New Xiaomi TVs: ultra-thin edges and voice controls from around 145 euros.

New TVs at home Xiaomi they were presented in an event completely dedicated to them. The company has focused a lot on the design it will give to Smart TV a body almost completely devoid of frames. In fact the front part will be almost completely dedicated to the display. An excellent job, on the part of the company, was also done on the back. During the event they were presented four TV versions, each with a different screen size. Also presented the new modality of commands via Bluetooth, thanks to an ad hoc remote control that will allow you to control your TV too by voice.

The technical characteristics

new Xiaomi TV they will have within them an 64 bit processor and offer various types of memory configurations: 1 GB of RAM and 4 of internal memory for the version of 32 inches, 1 / 8 GB for the version of 43 inches and the configuration from 2 / 8 GB for the Smart TV da 55 and 65 inches. Regarding the resolution, the basic model from 32 inches will offer one HD resolution, 43 inches It will be a FULL HD and the other two versions, those from 55 and 65 inches, will offer the resolution 4K.

The latter will also be equipped with a dual band Wi-Fi module from 2,4 and 5 Ghz e Dolby Audio + DTS HD audio support. Finally, the models from 43, 55 and 65 inches support HDR 10.

In line with the Smart TV already launched in recent years by Xiaomi, these new versions will also support them patch Wall, a customized version of the operating system Android. The new operating system Xiaomi TV it has been improved still allowing an easy access by the user who can move from one application to another or from one film to another in a fast and simple way.

The prices of the various configurations

Xiaomi TV Prices from 145 €

Obviously on stage Xiaomi also announced the prices of the various configurations. We anticipate that, as always, the company has managed to maintain extremely competitive prices for the products. The announced prices, for the various configurations, are the following:

  • Xiaomi TV 32 Inches 1 / 4GB for the price of 1099 yuan (about 145 €)
  • Xiaomi TV 43 Inches, 1 / 8GB for the price of 1999 yuan (about 265 €)
  • Xiaomi TV 55 Inches, 2 / 8GB for the price of 2999 yuan (about 400 €)
  • Xiaomi TV 65 Inches, 2 / 8GB for the price of 2999 yuan (about 530 €)

Surely the super competitive prices presented by the company for the new ones Xiaomi TV. Obviously the prices shown in euros are indicative because the televisions, if you want to buy them, will have to be bought through Chinese import sites and therefore you have to add something more for the management and shipping. I wonder if the company intends to present the same products on the global market.


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