Xiaomi TV: the 23 Aprile will present new models

Xiaomi is a company that is constantly working to bring new versions and improvements to its products on the market. The company is also very active in the production of Smart TV and, precisely in this field, the next 23 April the company has announced an event in which new models will be presented Xiaomi TV.

New Xiaomi TVs will be presented on April 23

La Xiaomi, through its general manager of the division Smart TV, Li Xiaoshuang, had already announced a couple of weeks ago that by the end of this month the company would announce the new models of TV. Today the company finally announced an event for the next with a poster 23 April where we will have the opportunity to meet the new TVs which will be released, first and foremost, in China.

xiaomi tv presented 23 april

Xiaomi has already leaked some interesting advances on the new models. According to the first rumors, the company focused on working and improving TV in the aspect above all of the back part, ignored in the last versions. Furthermore, in line with current trends, televisions will have increasingly thin contours to give more space to the front panel.

There are no rumors, however, regarding the appearance smart TV. The new Xiaomi TVhowever, they will support their own customized version of the operating system Android as already seen in the old models. Obvious that the company will have thought about improvements in the software aspect that will be revealed during the event.

In short, the week after the Easter holidays seems to become more and more full of events to mark on the calendar for product lovers Xiaomi. In fact the 24 April, the day after the presentation of the new ones Xiaomi TV, we remind you there will also be the event for the presentation of the new Redmi Y3. Needless to say, we will bring you all the news on new products as soon as they are presented China, so if interested we invite you to follow us!


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