[Xposed Framework] XHaloFloatingWindows Module: halo notifications for JellyBean

In this second article we will analyze other 2 modules for Xposed framework: XHaloFloatingWindows and BootManager; if you haven't installed yet Xposed Framework read here.


this module allows us to create halo notifications (just like the famous ParanoidAndroid ROM) on any smartphone with an operating system based on Android JellyBean including the ROM Stock!

it should be pointed out that on the playstore there are APPs that emulate HALO notifications with the classic popup, but they have the limitation of not being able to manage them, once opened, in a reduced window and superimposed on the screen that we are viewing as happens on the paranoid , simply calling them full screen once you click.

with the installation of this module we can therefore have an authentic halo experience on our smartphone!


We initiate Xposed installer let us go to the area "Download in English"And look for the form XHaloFloatingWindows, once selected we just have to download it and install it by simply clicking the "Download in English"

We just have to stay activate the module: going back to the Xposed Installer home screen, this time we enter the area "Forms" is check the checkbox next to the newly installed module, we restart and finish.


in order to activate the halo notifications we need an App that allows this type of notifications, we find different ones on the Playstore, in this guide we have used Portal

Removed from the Play Store

once installed we will be shown a tutorial on its initial configuration, after which we will have to go to Settings of android, we enter the entry Accessibilità and activate the Portal Service.

now we will have active Halo notifications on our smartphone!

halo halo


this module aims to prevent some applications from starting when the phone is switched on in order to get a faster boot and a greater quantity of free RAM.

unfortunately with our test we found that the Module (in its free version) does not work, or rather, if we select the apps to be inhibited at the start these are still executed.

the problem is solved by making a donation and unlocking a better version of the form, we have not done so therefore we cannot express an opinion.

operation is very simple: once the module has been downloaded from Xposed Installer (Download section), let's activate it by checking the checkbox in the area “forms"And we will meet again in drawer the Boot Manager application: let's start it and select the applications not to start at boot.

boot manager

Follow us, in the next articles the special on Xposed Framework will continue!

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