[Xposed Framework] Spotify without limits on Android (ROOT)

I think you all know Spotify, one of the best applications for streaming music that, as you know, also interfaces with all operating systems.

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There are so many features: the possibility of listening to all the music; create playlists; find music relevant to our tastes via the radio; share music with friends; etc. Furthermore, by creating an account, our music will be synchronized between the various devices; a premium account instead will remove various limitations such as advertising - which is not intrusive in my opinion anyway - and several blocks that unfortunately greatly limit the use of the Spotify application on smartphones.

You got it right, only on smartphones. On these, in fact, the music will be played randomly and it will be possible to change tracks only up to 6 times, then we will have to wait some time.

But as we have already said, the limit exists only on smartphones, this means that on a tablet Spotify does not have the same limits. What if we could turn our phone into a tablet? Or rather, what if we could make Spotify believe that our terminal is a tablet?

For this there is a Xposed Framework module: TabletMetrics, very simple, so much so that it is even without interface or settings. It will therefore be sufficient to install it, activate the module and restart the phone to start it. Obviously our phone will need to have ROOT permissions e Xposed Framework installed. After rebooting Spotify will work exactly like on a Tablet or PC, we will be able to change tracks as often as we want and without the obligation of random playback. The other limits will obviously remain.
NOTE: on my device after installing the module, Spotify automatically recognized the device as a tablet. If this is not enough, you will need to use the form App Settings (found at the previous link) and change the resolution of Spotify!
Unfortunately the module is not available in the Xposed repositories but you can download it to one of the following links and it will work only on Android 4.3 or higher.

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TabletMetrics | Download in English
TabletMetrics | XDA threads

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