[Xposed Framework] XPrivacy: managing application permissions

Xprivacy is a form for Xposed Framework which allows you to specifically check the permissions to be granted to each individual application in order to have a very detailed control over their behavior.

xprivacy xprivacy


on the home screen we will find a list of all installed applications, with icons indicating: which applications are allowed to access the internet, which have generic android system permissions, and mark with a yellow triangle which personal information they used ;

clicking on the thumbnail of the app we will access a very detailed checklist in which are specified specifically the various permissions that can be revoked to the single application: as we see in the example screen for the application of Ebay we can revoke a large number of permissions as access to our personal information, access to the media, the possibility of activating the NFC, accessing system memory and much more.

For example, it is very important to grant permission to use GPS only to applications that really need it: obviously by revoking some basic permissions, the app will crash and will not be able to work, in this case it is sufficient to restore them.


if you have not yet installed Xposed Framework read HERE

We initiate Xposed Installer let's go to the section "Download" and we look for the form "Xprivacy", install it by clicking on "Download".

let's go back to the Xposed Installer home screen and this time go to Modules section e check the checkbox next to the Xprivacy item to activate the module e restart the phone: now we will find the Xprivacy application in the Drawer.

Xprivacy is a very important application, unlike other modules we have analyzed for Xposed Framework, it is not limited only to graphic customizations, which for many can be superfluous, but it is an important tool that gives us the possibility to supervise what makes the software installed in our smartphone.

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