Xposed on Lollipop: the first alpha comes [How to install it]

No one knew when or if he would ever arrive, the same rovo89 thought it would be impossible to bring the framework Xposed on Lollipop, but a few hours ago the news finally arrived that all of us geeks were waiting: Xposed works on Lollipop. In reality, those who follow sites and most famous forums (such as XDA), will surely have noticed a few days ago, through a screenshot, that the arrival of Xposed would be imminent.


The first published version is in alpha, so it does not mean that it works on all devices, on the contrary, surely it will not work on many, in fact the same rovo89 does not recommend the use to all the less experienced. In particular, the architecture a 64bit; precisely it is possible to install this first release only on architecture ARMv7, and - of course - only if you have a Lollipop based ROM.
The same applies to i forms: at the moment, most will definitely not work. I don't think they can cause bootloops or other problems, but it can't be ruled out.

Installing Xposed was quite simple until Android KitKat, surely it will also be on Lollipop with future releases; at the moment, however, you must first flash a file from a custom recovery, after installing a file.
The odds of encountering a phone bootloop is quite high, so before proceeding carry out a Nandroid Backup to be able to restore your system in case of problems.
Bootloop found on Xiaomi Mi2 with CM12


As already mentioned, the installation does not take place through a simple one tap from the application, but proceed as follows.

Tested and working devices

  • Nexus 5
  • OnePlus One (not all ROMs)

Please note: currently does not work on Samsung stock ROMs.

At this point you just have to wait for it to be tested by users and developers, who will report any bugs that will favor the development of Xposed. As soon as a new, more stable version is released, I'll let you know!
At the moment, personally, I do not recommend using it. However if you try it, let us know if it works or not and on which device and ROM.

Images and source: XDA
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