YI Home Camera 3, the new AI camera available on Amazon

The new IP camera from Yi Technology, a sub-company of Xiaomi, has arrived on Amazon today, we are talking about YI 3 Home Camera, the surveillance camera with artificial intelligence capable of recording video to 1080p in full HD.

YI 3 Home Camera
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yi home camera 3

Features YI Home Camera 3

YI's new camera takes advantage of theAI, or artificial intelligence, to detect movements and sounds and capture video in Full HD at a resolution of 1080p, even at night.

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Price and offers

The price of the Yi Home Camera 3 is 49,99 euro. In case you would like to buy it at a lower price - it could be lowered within a few weeks - you can set up an e-mail alert thanks to the following form.

YI IP Camera Home Camera 3 Wifi Camera 1080p Full HD Surveillance Camera Artificial Intelligence Human Detection and Crying Newborn Night Vision Motion Notifications for Android / iOs, YI

Price: 34,99
updated 28 September 2020 22: 30
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Price History


Current offer 34,99€ 28 September 2020
Highest price 43,50€ June 2 2020
Lowest price 23,99€ 3 September 2020
From the 1 April 2020

Latest price changes

34,99€ 4 September 2020
23,99€ 3 September 2020
34,99€ 2 September 2020
31,99€ August 17 2020
39,99€ July 31 2020

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