YouTube background on Android, popup videos and mp3 downloads

Listening to YouTube in the background on Android is very simple, just install an alternative application instead of the official one. In fact, the YouTube app, as you know, has not yet implemented the long-awaited function to play music in the background on Android.

youtube background

The alternative to YouTube, the currently best one for watching videos in the background, is called OGYouTube. It is not the first app, nor the only one, which allows us to continue using the smartphone by playing the video in the background or in a Popup, but in fact it is the one that works best now.

The application was developed by a user of the famous XDA forum and looks identical to the official application, but with additional features:

  • a button to create a popup that can be superimposed on the app, with customizable dimensions
  • a key to listen to music in the background
  • one last key for the download songs in mp3 or even the complete video in different formats

Obviously the download function is not legal, since most of the videos on YouTube are protected by Copyright.

The application, as I said, was created by an XDA user and can be downloaded via the official website, or via the following link 😉

For OGYouTube to work properly, it is also important to install an additional application. Is called MicroG for OGYT and is required to log in to YouTube; without this, OGYouTube will not work.

After downloading both - and installing - you will notice two new apps: "OGYouTube" and "Downloaded". The first has the same identical standard YouTube interface, with the aforementioned buttons under each video; the second will list all the downloads made.

It will therefore be sufficient to press the button next to the progress bar to create a popup of the video, or the button below "in the background" to listen to the audio in the background. Below is a quick video showing how it works.

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