Youtube brings 4K streaming to the CES with VP9 codec

Missing just now at CES, the event that takes place every January in Las Vegas where new electronic products are presented for the first time, even before they are put up for sale. The event will last from 7 to 10 January and yesterday we saw that Samsung will bring its new Galaxy Camera 2.

News also comes from Youtube, which will present the new codec at CES VP9 to play the stream with resolution 4K, that is equal to 3840 × 2160 pixel. The new codec will replace the predecessor VP8 introduced in 2010 and could be the open source alternative to the H.265 codec, the current codec to play videos with 4K resolutions. Finally, the VP9 codec should reduce bandwidth consumption, thus increasing the speed of uploading streaming videos


The list of partners is quite long and among the major ones we can see Samsung, Intel, Sharp, etc but on the contrary the devices are few or even absent.

As far as PCs are concerned, there are very few specimens and they have a high cost, while on the smartphone side no device has an 4K display. However there are already devices that can record with 4K resolution and one of them is the Notes 3. The following video was made by a Note 3, so set it to 4K (if your PC supports it) to notice the quality and the differences (especially loading if you have a 640 Kbps connection like mine).

However, recording videos with 4K resolution also requires a lot of space on the devices: we talk about bitrates of around 50 Mbps which translated into dimensions, amount approximately to 1 GB for a video of only 20 seconds.
But to start seeing some videos with this resolution, we must surely wait a little longer. We must indeed consider that video cameras could be quite expensive, as well as devices to view such videos in Utra HD and as he states Varela, general manager for youtube partnerships, this codec could arrive on PC and smartphone only in 2015!

Tell us yours! Can't wait to enjoy videos in 4k? Or you are as bad as me and will continue to watch videos at 240 p? 😉

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