Yunmai Watch is the new Xiaomi smartwatch at 100 €

Let's take a break from the many news releases of the last few days concerning it Xiaomi Mi 9 and let's talk about smartwatch. In fact the Chinese company has worked, in the last period, together with its sub-company, the Yunmai, for the development of a new smartwatch: Yunmai Watch.

xiaomi yunmai watch

Yunmai Watch: the perfect smartwatch for sportsmen

For those who did not know the Yunmai is a small Chinese company that produces smart devices to support sportsmen to make our training smarter, having the ability to monitor all our training data. So after having produced smart scales, together with Xiaomi, the small Chinese company has decided to launch itself into the world of smartwatches, giving life to the first Yunmai Sport Watch.

The following smartwatch, as you can easily understand from the name, is a smart watch designed for those who want to have a device that can monitor every aspect of their training. It works via a battery from 420 mAh which promises at least 4 days of autonomy with a constant use of all the features: like the GPS + GLONASS to track all our workouts. It is then equipped with the U-BLOXGPS chip, a sensor to 9 axis to more accurately measure speed, calories burned, scaled steps and kilometers traveled. Finally, the smartwatch has a display AMOLED from 1.3 inches which allows us to save a lot of battery through some ad hoc features.

Lo Yunmai Watch is available at this time in crowfounding through following site. The campaign now requires a figure of 699 Yuan (About 100 € at current exchange rates), the campaign should close next to win the product 4 March, shipments will start from the 26 of the same month. For now, only two colors seem to be available: Ash (Dark version) e Rose Gold (Pink version).


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